Are you Wasting your time?

Are you bored? Are you at home more and not sure what to do? Good news: You and many people are in the exact same situation! You are not alone. Bad news: You and many people are WASTING your limited, valuable, important time.

People work their entire lives to retire, relax, and have the time to live out a life of freedom. While we don't have all the freedom in the world right now due to COVID, we have the time. Unfortunately, people are not realizing the benefits of what we can do in social distancing. Working out: Staying in shape, going for runs, walks, and stretching are all doable still. The type of people who didn't work out in regular times, probably won't stay active during a pandemic. Be healthy, be active. Reading: It still astonishes me how little people READ. Imagine having so much free time you can read, learn about nearly anything you want? This is the time to do it. Buying something nice: People are obviously spending less on things. Why not use some of that extra cash on something nice for yourself? If you can't find something...well maybe you need to be more creative. I bought a lamp, ordered delicious chicken, a new microphone, and it's been great. Money comes and goes, but it's okay to take care of yourself sometimes. Use this time wisely. It definitely won't come back.