Does Panic ever Help?

So as I write this entry on Feb 23, 2020 people should understand what is happening right now in the current situation:

1. US Democrats are batting it out

2. Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder

3. The Corona-Virus has reached over 600 patients in South Korea

What a strange world. People are funny when it comes to predictions. A Forbes article notes how experts are nearly wrong at EVERYTHING when it comes to prediction. And while experts are trained pros, they often get predictions and forecasts wrong. Everyday smart people aren't much better. So what to do? Do your own research: When it comes to wrong info, you can never be safe enough. So much of the info online is not correct. Double check. Triple check. Control your situation: The Corona-virus is getting bad, but 600 people out of 50 million isn't too insane. And staying in safe and clean areas is actually pretty logical. Don't get too scared or confident: You can't control most of your life situations anyway, so why panic? But getting overconfident that you are invincible makes no sense either. People tend to swing to one extreme or the other. Stay cool.

I've been in Korea when they had Swine Flu, MERS, North Korean threats, and people panicked way too much. Sure they were real but unlikely to affect me. And I couldn't do much about it anyway. I went along with my life and just hoped for the best. And in the end, the best thing happened: nothing.

To answer this blog entry, write below. You can check your word count at for accuracy.

  • Are the people around yous scared about whats going on right now? How are they acting?

  • How do you personally feel about things in the world in early 2020?