Fun Success

One of my insights as a semi-retired teacher is that I've thought a lot about what a successful life would look like. I always thought it'd be just about how RICH a person could and should be. But over the past decade of working, thinking, and sharing my thoughts with friends I've thought a lot about this topic. It's one my favorites, and I believe everyone can empathize with this feeling.

What really defines success for people in 2020? There are so many people in the world with money, but they don't seem happy. They work and slave away just to get wealth. They are rich in money, but poor in friends and morals. Is it status? Looking cool? Is looking cool the new currency of the modern age? Taylor Swift in her fascinating documentary Miss Americana demonstrates her fears, worries, her joys, and her political interests. She switches back and forth from pajamas and glittery show-dresses. If that is a feature of happiness, count me out. I don't look good in sparkly dresses :P.

In 2020 are finding ways to be successful in non-traditional ways more than ever. It's different. People are finding success in SNS, social media, personal businesses, and travel. It's different, unique, and wildly unexplored. I quit my job about a month and a half ago. I was worried that I would feel alone, left out, even sad from not being with my students and co-workers. It's been very much the opposite. I'm really happy at the moment. The absence of stress, the joy of being a dad, and still being financially stable has been AWESOME. I have no sense of fear, no sense of loneliness, or boredom. I'm busier than ever and I'm enjoying. Is this success or just temporary fun?

To answer this blog entry, write below. You can check your word count at for accuracy.

  • Who are the celebrities and successful people you admire?

  • Are you busy in your daily life? What takes up most of your time?