Hard Work

Most people I know, are NOT very hard workers. Most students I have taught, are not very hard working. They try, but not as much as they could. They listen, but not always hear. And when things go wrong, they point the finger at other things. But perhaps if you are reading this, maybe there's a chance for you. Maybe you listened...or at least tried to. Some tips about hard work:

  1. Most people give up: It's not easy working hard. They would call it 'easy work' if not for that. Many of my closest friends don't try very hard. They get discouraged easily. They give up. But it's understandable. In the end, the ones that succeed are the ones that tried their best.

  2. 24 hours in a Day: Everyone has the the same 24 hours in a day. Yes, many people have obligations for school, work, personal lives, family, etc. But we all use the same clock for the same week. Unless you are Dr. Strange with a time stone, you live by the same rules as all of us. No excuses.

  3. Success is not Easy: If you want to live a life that is in the TOP TOP 1-10%, you have to live a top percent life. You can't just be the laziest person on earth and then expect things to work out. Don't be a dreamer, but a hard worker. Success does not come easy, it comes hard.