Learning how to PLAY

After working for so long and putting in so many hours into teaching, I think I lost something. I have lost the understanding on what it means to PLAY.

How serious am I? Well, I can't exactly tell. I love staying at home, being with my family, eating good food, etc. But sometimes I really miss being a kid. My son turned 100 days old and I'm so excited for him to experience life for the first time. He's already improving his eyesight, hearing, and reactions. I love how he is growing. As an adult, I think I lost a little bit of adventurous spirit. I need to take more risks, do more new things, be way more playful and have more FUN. It's 2020, join me on figuring out what is fun again.

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  • What is the most fun activity for you right now in 2020? What makes it fun?

  • What stops people from having more fun nowadays? What gets in the way?