Movies: Good or Bad for you?

Movies get a bad reputation compared to when I was younger. Despite all the violence, adult imagery, and language, movies overall seem to follow the same pattern as before: Interesting stories, cool actors, twist endings, but also with WAY better quality. Let's be honest, films are better today than ever. On top of that, the good guys seem to ALWAYS win. Even the violent films of 2019 seem to show that the bad guys always seem to go to jail, lose a battle, or just plain die. While Hollywood might want something else, you can still learn something from films nowadays. It just might be different than what you expected. My Five Favorite films of 2019(in no particular order)



*John Wick 3

*Spider-Man Far from Home

*Toy Story 4

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  • 2019: What was your favorite movie? Why?

  • Do you think you can learn from movies or are they just for fun?