My Routine

About a month has passed by since the Covid-19 virus outbreak has occurred across the world. Crazy times. In South Korea, the number of infected has almost reached 9,000 and the US total is skyrocket to 21,000 and more. It's a pretty grim outlook. Sports leagues, movies, conferences are continuously being shut down. It is scary to imagine the world continuing like this for a lot longer. Experts estimate that this may continue for the majority of the 2020 calendar. So what have I personally been doing? 1. Working Out/Physical Fitness: This has been a life changer. I can't say my body looks that different but I feel amazing. Working out two times a day for almost 90 minutes total has been really therapeutic. I really have felt a change in my energy levels. 2. Family: As many of you know, I have 5 month old baby. Babies are a handful and they don't get easier over time. They get harder to take care of in some areas. But my son Nathan has been terrific. Watching him grow up and change has been awesome and I have enjoyed it all. 3. Studying/Reading: Spending the time reading and preparing new skills has been great. I'm really enjoying the process of learning as this time is going on. Naturally I am an introvert, or I at least really like spending time by myself. Honestly, my life hasn't changed much. But when EVERYONE's life changes at the same time, it seems so surreal. It really is a strange time to be in but I'm holding out hope for something better. Stay safe everyone.